The Drunken Flamingo Copenhagen
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Copenhagen, Denmark

Club / Indoor & Outdoor / XS – 200-500


Electronic, R&B


Live music, VIP


The Drunken Flamingo is a club known for its diversity of music. 

The Drunken Flamingo, located in central Copenhagen’s business district of Indre By, has been attracting audiences with its unusual interior design. The club is in a bar with a  tiki-themed decor.

This club plays a wide range of music, including the most recent hits. Its musical diversity attracts people from all walks of life, counting local and foreign clubbers looking for a unique nighttime experience. 

With its cozy interiors, this exotic-themed club ensures you have a memorable night with foot-tapping music and delicious cocktails.

“Very friendly staff, great DJ. We enjoyed the night.”

Milad Mohamadi / Google Reviews
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