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January 11, 2023
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Las Vegas, United States

Club / Indoor & Outdoor / M – 2k-5k


Electronic, Pop


Live music, Upscale, International


Boasting a 110$ million kinetic chandelier is something few nightclubs can do – but it’s certainly not the case for Omnia.

Since its opening at Caesars Palace in 2015, Omnia Las Vegas has quickly become one of the most progressive and cutting-edge nightlife hotspots that Sin City has to offer.

Featuring some of the music industry’s biggest DJs – like Calvin Harris, Zedd and Martin Garrix – this club draws in an array of celebrities, VIPs, and tourists.

Not only does electronic beats fill the air in this club, but the Heart of Omnia room also features hip-hop DJs, while the rooftop terrace plays chill music, offering something for everyone.

Omnia stands out with its extraordinary selection of DJs, blasting speakers, and show-stopping kinetic chandelier. This club is sure to provide an unforgettable experience that will leave you wanting more.

Here is everything you need to know about Omnia Las Vegas.

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Omnia Las Vegas opened in 2015 (with Calvin Harris’ help)

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To kick off “the next generation of nightclub entertainment” (as the club put it), Omnia opened its arms for special guest Calvin Harris.

At the end of the day, an inauguration can’t be labeled as grand unless a roaring name from the DJing realm takes over the audio mixer.

Back in 2015, Harris kick-started Omnia’s abiding legacy with a bang – at least this was the image the hyped-up crowds painted.

Owned and envisioned by the Hakkasan group (founded by Alan Yau, owner of popular restaurant chain Wagamama), Omnia was the newest jewel in the multimillion-dollar hospitality brand’s crown. 

Three of Hakkasan’s popular San Diego venues have since been acquired by the TAO group – owner of Omnia’s greatest competitors, TAO Las Vegas.

Justin Bieber celebrated his 21st birthday here

The day after the club’s grand opening night, music hero Justin Bieber continued the festivities by hosting his 21st birthday bash.

World-famous DJ Martin Garrix headed up the turntables at Bieber’s party, where the likes of Miguel and Kris Jenner were part of the uber-VIP crowd. 

But that didn’t stop the pop singer from pulling off a performance on his own – on the contrary. Bieber surprised his guests with an unscheduled performance featuring his biggest hits, including the Wait For a Minute music collab with rapper Tyga. 

Omnia Las Vegas is big (and we’re talking huge)

When it comes to Vegas, size matters. 

Omnia doesn’t disappoint on that front, boasting a gargantuan venue that spans across a 75,000 sq feet space. Spread out over three levels, this Las Vegas mini-festival caters to any clubber.

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No matter what type of music blasts in your headphones everyday, Omnia’s jaw-dropping capacity probably shelters it. 

Omnia’s terrace has panoramic views of the Vegas skyline

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Like its competitor TAO (but a little more impressive), Omnia nightclub has some pretty sought-after views of the Las Vegas strip.

Clubbers can venture on the terrace to enjoy the panoramic views of the city in a location inspired by Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream (think vines, flowers, and potion-induced antics).   

Its enormous chandelier syncs with the music

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Not many nightclubs can boast about having a $110 million chandelier. But Omnia sure can.

Omnia’s ultra-fancy ceiling – also dubbed as the iconic kinetic chandelier – is 65 ft tall and 22,000 pounds heavy.

Long as a cricket pitch and as heavy as a school bus, the chandelier features eight concentric rings that sync with the music. 

If that wasn’t impressive enough, the rings also shoot out special lighting effects.

Both high-tech and hypnotic, the rings include theatrical lighting cues, LEDs, and video projections. 

Omnia is not big on T-shirts

A quick peek at Omnia’s crowds will make one realize that to pass through its doors, you must dress to impress, not to depress.

While the Las Vegas club’s dress code is simply put as “fashionable nightclub attire,” the list of prohibited clothing items is long-drawn-out.

Tennis shoes, hats and shorts of any kind are a massive no-go and the club reserves its right to refuse your entry if your outfit is excessively torn. 

Steer clear of getting asked to step aside by sticking to collared shirts for guys, and anything that’s not sportswear for girls (though the clothing of choice tends to be cocktail dresses and heels).

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Omnia Las Vegas is like four clubs in one

It’s not uncommon for nightclubs to be split into themed rooms. But Omnia takes the multi-clubbing concept to an adulation level, with four distinct operating as separate clubs from A to Z.  

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The Main Room, balcony, terrace, and Heart of Omnia – an exquisitely designed party space crafted from only the best materials – are all part of the package. The latter is where Justin Bieber moved his birthday party entourage. If it’s good enough for Bieber, it’s good enough for us.

Bottle service can set you back $2,000 (at the very least)

Luxury doesn’t come cheap, and Omnia’s living proof of that. If you’re looking to buy a bottle of booze, brace yourself for a bitter-sweet bill of a few hundreds.

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Bottle service is another matter, starting at $2,000 minimum for a table on the roof terrace. Bear in mind that this doesn’t include 8% tax and 20% gratuity.

But it can get even more expensive than that. If a famous artist performs, your table will be the collateral victim of an extra entertainment charge. 

If you’re looking to get in on the ‘Heart’ of the action (if you’ll pardon the pun),  a table in the Heart of Omnia room will set you back $8,000 at the very least –  though this quickly increases when you add your guests into the equation. 

Outpricing many of its competitors on the strip, Omnia goes for opulence over affordability. 

You can get married at Omnia Las Vegas

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Nothing screams Vegas more than a shotgun wedding. 

Omnia’s a bit classier than a back-street chapel with a pastor in an Elvis costume, but it’s still a nightclub. There’s a page on their website for wedding inquiries if you’re feeling romantic (and mega-rich). 

They’ve hosted some star-studded lineups over the years

Omnia has hosted some of the world’s greatest DJs, but that’s not the only performer type passing through their doors. 

Singers, rappers, and dancers have all made their mark on the Vegas venue’s stage. During the summer of 2021, Grammy-Award-winning hottie Megan Thee Stallion made waves two weekends in a row by hosting her very own Hot Girl Summer with Megan Thee Stallion parties. 

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Showcasing a mixture of pure luxury and jaw-dropping high-tech, Omnia Las Vegas is not for the disciplined, but for those who view clubbing as a liberating (and uber-expensive) experience.


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