Pastrami Club Malaga

November 24, 2022
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party at Pastrami Club Malaga
© @pastramimalaga / Facebook

Malaga, Spain

Club / Indoor only / XS – 200-500


Electronic, Pop, Latin


Upscale, VIP


Pastrami Club is a beautifully designed nightclub inspired by New York’s 1920s speakeasies.

Pastrami is in the Centro Historico of Malaga, a charming old town with bar terraces overlooking busy squares and medieval architecture.

The intimate venue is all about unexpected discoveries, with its main entrance hidden behind a small fast-food restaurant bathroom door. Pastrami features upscale decor with marble countertops, mirror finishes, and lighting illuminating the geometric ceiling.

Showcasing a blend of genres, Pastrami’s open-format DJs spin a mix of the latest pop, electronic, and Latin hits. The nightclub draws an equally hip and trendy crowd to its exclusive space.

With a unique atmosphere fueled by a hush-hush allure, raging parties, and bumpy beats, Pastrami will stimulate all your senses and make your nights unforgettable.

© @pastramimalaga / Instagram


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