The tastiest drunk food in the city | © Joana Godinho / Unsplash

Your big night out in London isn’t complete without a taste of the city’s best drunk food. 

After spending your night partying until dawn at Ministry of Sound or getting lost in Electric Brixton’s stellar techno beats, these late night drunk food spots are all you need to wrap up the night. 

From authentic Jewish-style bagels to mouth-watering full English breakfasts, this city has everything that your taste buds might crave.

Here’s your essential guide to the best drunk food in London. 

1. Bagels at Brick Lane Beigel Bake

Brick Lane Beigel Bake is home to the original Salt Beef Beigel, a bagel filled with strips of salt beef and generous slicks of mustard, gherkin, ketchup, mayo, and French mustard.

Located not far from Brick Lane Market, the 24-hour bagel shop is best known for its Jewish-style bagels. Other fillings include smoked salmon, tuna mayo, and chopped herring.

For the ones who identify themselves as sweet-toothed, there are also sweet options, featuring peanut butter and Nutella.

The shop has become so well-known that it was once visited by Prince William and Kate Middleton. The next time you’re looking for fuss-free drunk food in the aftermath of your late-night drinking session, pick up a quick bagel at Brick Lane Beigel Bake.

© @beigel_bake / Instagram
© @beigel_bake / Instagram

2. Duck and waffle at Duck & Waffle

When it comes to drunk food in London, nothing beats Duck & Waffle. 

The Duck & Waffle dish consists of crispy leg confit, fried duck egg, waffle, and mustard maple syrup – the perfect combination of sweet and savory. Other menu options include Colombian Eggs, House Breakfast, and Spicy Ox Cheek Doughnut Duck.

Situated on the 40th floor of the Salesforce Tower (formerly Heron Tower), Duck & Waffle is ready to serve you some of the finest late-night delicacies, accompanied by an astonishing bird’s-eye view of the capital.

Receiving the thumbs up by British Vogue, this quintessential British-European spot is famous for its jaw-dropping panoramic views.

© @duckandwaffle / Instagram
© @duckandwaffle / Instagram

3. Full English Breakfast at Polo Bar

You can’t party in the city without tasting the best drunk food in London: a Full English Breakfast at Polo Bar.

Replenish your post-clubbing energy with a hearty meal that’ll satisfy your taste buds with the yummy power of grilled bacon, Cumberland sausage, free-range egg, baked beans, slow-roasted thyme tomatoes, roasted mushrooms, black pudding, and bloomer toasts.

Open 24 hours per day, Polo Bar is only a stone’s throw away from Liverpool Street Station.

Since the bar has had traditional British meals as its mission statement since 1959, you can also opt for their Sausage and Mash, Shepherds Pie, and Rack of Ribs.

Using only sourced ingredients, their delicious meals come in generous sizes and fast service – the perfect combo when it comes to drunk food. 

© @polo24hourbar / Instagram
© @polo24hourbar / Instagram

4. Doner Kebab Sandwich at German Doner Kebab

Need a quick and easy late-night meal after a sweaty and boozy night on the dance floor? German Doner Kebab’s sandwich should be at the top of your list. 

Mixed beef and chicken meat, shredded vegetables, secret sauces, all wrapped in warm pita-sandwich bread – to say it sounds yummy would be an understatement. 

With 4.1 stars on Google Reviews, German Doner Kebab is home to doner-inspired meals, including durum doner sandwiches, lahmacun, and side dishes like cheese borek and kartoffelsalat.

© @germandonerkebabuk / Instagram
© @hyperhipstermj / Instagram

5. Pancakes at Balans Soho, No.60

No.60 is a Soho legend for its famous American Pancakes with warm maple butter and a choice of bacon, banana, or berries.

Balans Soho, No.60 is a modern eatery whipping up delicious late-night meals. The brasserie also serves other breakfast-style dishes like Eggs Benedict, French Toast, and Steak & Eggs.

With its location in the trendy Soho neighbourhood, Balans Soho, No.60 is as stylish and Instagrammable as one might expect. 

© @balanslondon / Instagram
© @balanslondon / Instagram

6. Fish & Chips at Hobson’s Fish & Chips

First things first – the iconic fish & chips combo is right in the epicentre of British life.

The stylish late-night eatery Hobson’s Fish & Chips serves the piping hot British classic and other sorts of grilled fish dishes.

Operating for 25 years as a family business, the restaurant only uses the freshest fish and fries to offer the best fish & chip taste.

Situated near Hallfield Estate, you can’t miss Hobson’s Fish & Chips if you’re on the search for the best drunk food in London. It’s open every day from 12PM-11PM, so there’s no excuse to skip this one out.

© @official_megapixelphotos / Instagram
© @krol4ishka / Instagram

7. BBQ meals at Bodean’s BBQ

End your party night with juicy and tender meats at Bodean’s BBQ. Featuring all kinds of meats dripping in granulated honey and smoky flavour, you are doomed to fall in love with this late-night eatery.

A two minute stroll from London’s buzzing Soho (AKA the hotspot for all things late night in London) Bodean’s BBQ gives prominence to burgers, BBQ ribs, and wings under one roof. 

With massive portions and delicious sauces, the split-level eatery is a great choice for someone seeking an American-style casual dine-in.

© @bodeansbbq / Instagram
© @bodeansbbq / Instagram